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Daehyeon Jung darrenh.jung at samsung.com
Tue Apr 16 09:38:34 GMT 2013

Hi Venkat,
Unfortunately, the Tizen device is not available in the market at this moment. We do have 'Development Unit Program' in https://developer.tizen.org/support/development-unit-program
There are no avaialable unit now-in fact, it runs out yesterday. We will soon add more unit to program, so please keep watch on them.
By the way, could you tell me more details about your application? Is this your personal project? or is your company currently developing Tizen applications? 


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Can some one please tell me which is the Tizen device currently available in Market and how to buy it, I've few application developed for Tizen need to test them on the device.

Venkat Raju.

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