[Tizen Product-dev] [Announcement] The first release of IRIS (Infrastructure and Release Information System)

Huang, Hao H hao.h.huang at intel.com
Tue Jun 17 12:36:07 GMT 2014

**On behalf of Tizen development tools team and all other contributors**

We are very pleased to announce that 0.1 version of Infrastructure and Release Information System (IRIS) is released on Tizen.org.

Click the link below to start your trial:

  [IRIS Panel] (https://panel.tizen.org)


IRIS is a data-aggregation web service for Tizen development. By collecting original data from backend systems and presenting processed data in web GUI, IRIS enables all stakeholders of Tizen to query and manage the information they need.

Current version of IRIS (v0.1) provides **PackageDB** application. For more information, refer to `Hightlight` section.

Coming versions of IRIS (v0.2, v0.3) will provide **Submissions** and **Reports** applications. For more information, refer to `Planned Features` section.


**New PackageDB application**

  - Shows metadata for Domains, including the following:

    + Sub-domains and Git trees
    + All Roles: Architects, Maintainers, Reviewers, Integrators and Developers

  - Shows relationship between Products and Git trees.

  - Shows metadata for packages and images.

    For packages, following metadata is presented:

    + Package name and Git tree path
    + Domain and subdomain

    For images, following metadata is presented:

    + Image name and product
    + Target and architecture

  - Provides RESTful APIs for developers to obtain the data.

Planned Features

Planned features include the following:

* **Submissions application** (IRIS v0.2)

  Submissions application will enable Tizen stakeholders to track the entire
  life-cycle of a patch by providing metadata for CI (Continuous Integration)
  and build systems as well as package integration.

* **Reports application** (IRIS v0.3)

  Reports application will provide a variety of reports for Tizen stakeholders
  to grasp a big-picture view of Tizen development.


 For any bug report or feature request, please visit the following links:

 [1]: https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF/component/11900
        "Bug tracker"
 [2]: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/IRIS

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