[Tizen Product-dev] Fwd: Building issue in Tizen webkit

Chandrakant Rinayat chandrakant2411 at gmail.com
Thu May 1 03:44:53 GMT 2014

I build with the '*gbs build -A armv7l --incremental --include-all*' it was
building successfully. Now i have done my changes in some files and commit,
those files now i want to build only my changed files not whole webkit. So,
for that which gbs command option i need to use to build only changed
files. and what actually* incremental *does, it builds whole webkit with
changed code or only changed the files which has committed. because it is
taking time to build whole webkit, so i want to build only my changed code.
please suggest a way if there is any option in GBS.

Thanks in advance

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