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Fri Aug 9 14:12:10 GMT 2013

Anas Nashif have made the following changes to groff in project Tizen. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #8101

  submit:       Tizen:build/groff(cleanup) -> Tizen

Submitter: Anas Nashif <anas.nashif at intel.com>
Comments: Update license and package groups
Git project: platform/upstream/groff
Tag: submit/tizen/20130806.144843
Commit: cc8f01dac8fe7d0228f912ccb7f44ced0cc2990f Update license and package groups

State:   new        2013-08-09T07:09:00 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>
changes files:

++++++ new changes file:
--- groff.changes
+++ groff.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+* Tue Aug 06 2013 Anas Nashif <anas.nashif at intel.com> accepted/tizen/20130710.220424 at 47e0df9
+- Update license and package groups


spec files:
--- groff.spec
+++ groff.spec
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
 Name:           groff
 Version:        1.21
 Release:        1
-VCS:            platform/upstream/groff#submit/tizen/20130710.131304-0-g47e0df9c6a5d59771dcb941aff40f6eb6221223c
-License:        GPLv3+ and GFDL and BSC and MIT
+VCS:            platform/upstream/groff#submit/tizen/20130806.144843-0-gcc8f01dac8fe7d0228f912ccb7f44ced0cc2990f
+License:        BSD-3-Clause and GPL-2.0+
 Summary:        A document formatting system
 Url:            http://groff.ffii.org
-Group:          Applications/Publishing
+Group:          Base/Utilities
 Source:         %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
 Source1001: 	groff.manifest
 BuildRequires:  bison
@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@
 %package perl
 Summary:        Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl
-Group:          Applications/Publishing
 %description perl
 The groff-perl package contains the parts of the groff text processor
@@ -97,11 +96,13 @@
 %files -f groff-files
 %manifest %{name}.manifest
 %files perl
 %manifest %{name}.manifest

other changes:

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