[Tizen-submit] 9335: Changes to Tizen:IVI/lemolo

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Wed Aug 28 17:45:58 GMT 2013

Jimmy Huang have made the following changes to lemolo in project Tizen:IVI. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #9335

  submit:       Tizen:IVI:build/lemolo(cleanup) -> Tizen:IVI

Submitter: Jimmy Huang <jimmy.huang at intel.com>
Comments: Submitting for RC1 release
Git project: profile/ivi/lemolo
Tag: submit/tizen/20130828.174351
Commit: 90b07fa5b76b62380513046e6a798ff7b0153ea9 Version bump to 0.1.4 and updated changelog

State:   new        2013-08-28T10:42:42 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>
changes files:
--- lemolo.changes
+++ lemolo.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+* Wed Aug 21 2013 Jimmy Huang <jimmy.huang at intel.com> submit/tizen/20130628.212219 at b452f07
+- Updated version to 0.1.4
+- Init pulseaudio at startup
+- Added one-button redial support
+- Adding support for nightmode theme change
+- Fixing packaging to be compliant with gbs
+- Fixed dialer to build without TIZEN components on Ubunbu
+- Create new default theme and adds night theme files



spec files:
--- lemolo.spec
+++ lemolo.spec
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 Name:       lemolo
 Summary:    Ofono EFL Dialer
-Version:    0.1.3
+Version:    0.1.4
 Release:    1
-VCS:        profile/ivi/lemolo#submit/tizen/20130628.212219-0-g48027742d8d9bc7803dc832f56949c4941796b78
-Group:      System/Libraries
-License:    Apache 2.0
+VCS:        profile/ivi/lemolo#submit/tizen/20130828.174351-0-g90b07fa5b76b62380513046e6a798ff7b0153ea9
+Group:      Applications/Telephony
+License:    Apache-2.0
 URL:        http://www.tizen.org
 Source0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(ecore)
@@ -19,8 +19,10 @@
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(aul)
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(appsvc)
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(notification)
+BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(libpulse)
 BuildRequires:  edje-tools
 Requires: ofono
+Requires: automotive-message-broker
 Provides a dialer application for an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system, where
@@ -32,9 +34,7 @@
-%autogen --enable-tizen \
-         --bindir=/usr/apps/org.tizen.dialer/bin/ \
-         --datadir=/usr/apps/org.tizen.dialer/data/ 
+%autogen --enable-tizen
 make %{?jobs:-j%jobs}
@@ -44,17 +44,17 @@

Please refer to OBS webUI for more details about this SR.

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