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Thu Oct 3 21:06:14 GMT 2013

Jimmy Huang have made the following changes to Settings in project Tizen:IVI. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #15387

  submit:       Tizen:IVI:build/Settings(cleanup) -> Tizen:IVI

Submitter: Jimmy Huang <jimmy.huang at intel.com>
Comments: New release of SettingsApp, fixes TIVI-1788 and various other fixes
Git project: profile/ivi/SettingsApp
Tag: submit/tizen/20131003.210102
Commit: b8377c996334b2509a1f9f223b16e1a8a93eb052 New release of SettingsApp

State:   new        2013-10-03T21:04:51 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>
changes files:
--- Settings.changes
+++ Settings.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
+* Thu Oct 03 2013 Jimmy Huang <jimmy.huang at intel.com> accepted/tizen/20130918.214652 at 278671f
+- New release of SettingsApp
+    - Bumped version to 0.0.2
+    - Fixes TIVI-1788 - Setting error: Setting daemon is not connected
+    - Added runtime dependency on settingsd
+    - Fixed a bug where hidden network is still showing
+    - Various fixes date and time settings
+    - Added support for automatic time and timezone updates
+    - Add support for is_time_update_enabled and is_timezone_update_enabled requests
+    - Switch to text input instead of time and date input since the picker is broken
+    - Added time and date string validator
+    - Fixes clock not syncing right when moving out of focus
+    - Updated dummy backend
+    - Fixed a bug where GUI doesn't allow you to disconnect from encrypted networks
+    - Display ip address and other connected information
+    - Fixed a bug where toggle changes triggers recursive callbacks
+    - Cleaning up debug logs and error messages
+    - Fixed a bug where previous scan is not canceled when page is loaded
+    - Display wifi network encryption and signal strength
+    - Display error when trying to connect to encrypted network since it's not implemented
+    - Updated wifi scan handling code and added some more dummy data
+    - Ask user to reconnect to settings daemon if it is disconnected
+    - Disable wifi toggle button when scanning
+    - Show an error message for disconnecting from websocket
+* Thu Sep 19 2013 Jimmy Huang <jimmy.huang at intel.com>
+- Uninstall widget when doing rpm uninstall



spec files:
--- Settings.spec
+++ Settings.spec
@@ -1,17 +1,18 @@
 Name:       Settings
 Summary:    A HTML5 based app for system settings
-Version:    0.0.1
+Version:    0.0.2
 Release:    1
-VCS:        profile/ivi/SettingsApp#submit/tizen/20130918.200933-0-gf0ac422fcc0c1fd220bce675af42cb709b8e5a59
+VCS:        profile/ivi/SettingsApp#submit/tizen/20131003.210102-0-gb8377c996334b2509a1f9f223b16e1a8a93eb052
 Group:      Applications/Web Applications
 License:    Apache-2.0
 URL:        http://www.tizen.org2
 Source0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2
 BuildRequires:  zip
 BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils
-Requires:   wrt-installer
 Requires:   bluetooth-frwk-core
 Requires:   bluetooth-frwk-service
+Requires:   settingsd
+Requires:   wrt-installer
 A HTML5 based app for system settings like WiFi, Bluetooth
@@ -34,6 +35,9 @@
     wrt-installer -i /opt/usr/apps/.preinstallWidgets/Settings.wgt;
+wrt-installer -un ODBQpKvkS1.Settings

other changes:

++++++ Settings-0.0.1.tar.bz2 -> Settings-0.0.2.tar.bz2
--- Makefile
+++ Makefile

Please refer to OBS webUI for more details about this SR.

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