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Fri Oct 18 14:06:19 GMT 2013

Rafael Antognolli have made the following changes to evas in project Tizen:Mobile. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #16197

  submit:       Tizen:Mobile:build/evas(cleanup) -> Tizen:Mobile

Submitter: Rafael Antognolli <rafael.antognolli at intel.com>
Comments: Add video surface capabilities to Evas.
Git project: platform/upstream/evas
Tag: submit/tizen/20131017.152452
Commit: 89d19f48a65082120fbe0e26b21a6cacdc47e161 evas/image: Add video surface caps.

State:   new        2013-10-17T15:23:56 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>
changes files:

++++++ new changes file:
--- evas.changes
+++ evas.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+* Tue Aug 13 2013 Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) <eduardo.lima at intel.com> upstream/1.7.8 at 8c6a6d2
+- Updated to release 1.7.8
+* Thu Jun 27 2013 Rusty Lynch <rusty.lynch at intel.com> accepted/tizen/20130606.163103 at 6dc80f1
+- evas/wayland_egl: Force EGL_PLATFORM to wayland.
+* Tue Jun 25 2013 Xavier Roche <xavier.roche at eurogiciel.fr> accepted/tizen/20130606.163103 at 7adf649
+- Add build flags to get WRT widgets rendering in hardware acceleration mode
+- evas/gl: Restore framebuffer after texture creation.
+- Update to release 1.7.7
+- Removed unrecognized --enable-gl-x11 build option
+* Tue Mar 19 2013 Anas Nashif <anas.nashif at intel.com> upstream/1.7.5 at 0f230ad
+- Update to 1.7.5
+* Fri Dec 21 2012 Anas Nashif <anas.nashif at intel.com> upstream/1.7.3 at 7c6569b
+- Update tp 1.7.4
+* Mon Dec 17 2012 Anas Nashif <anas.nashif at intel.com> upstream/1.7.3 at ded7adb
+- add wayland support



spec files:
--- evas.spec
+++ evas.spec
@@ -1,132 +1,115 @@
-#sbs-git:slp/pkgs/e/evas evas 1.1.0+svn.69113slp2+build01 828d8bb285397266eb8985fd081fa2692fa3a7d6
+%bcond_with wayland
 Name:       evas
-Summary:    Multi-platform Canvas Library
-Version:    1.7.1+svn.77561+build31
+Version:        1.7.8
 Release:    1
-VCS:        profile/mobile/evas#submit/tizen/20130925.044843-0-gf70e77aadbcc8aca4124e05bac98d6ca72e7c57c
-Group:      System/Libraries
-License:    BSD
-URL:        http://www.enlightenment.org/
-Source0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
-Requires(post): /sbin/ldconfig
-Requires(postun): /sbin/ldconfig
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(eina)
+VCS:            platform/upstream/evas#submit/tizen/20131017.152452-0-g89d19f48a65082120fbe0e26b21a6cacdc47e161
+License:        BSD 2-clause
+Summary:        Multi-platform Canvas Library
+Url:            http://www.enlightenment.org/
+Group:          Graphics/EFL
+Source0:        evas-%{version}.tar.bz2
+Source1001: 	evas.manifest
+# Patches auto-generated by git-buildpackage:
+Patch0:         0001-evas-wayland_egl-Skip-makecurrent-if-re-win-is-NULL.patch
+Patch1:         0002-evas-wayland_egl-Do-not-create-a-new-surface-if-we-al.patch
+Patch2:         0003-evas-image-Add-video-surface-caps.patch
+BuildRequires:  doxygen
+BuildRequires:  giflib-devel
+BuildRequires:  libjpeg-devel
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(eet)
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(x11)
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(xi)
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(xrender)
+BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(eina)
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(fontconfig)
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(freetype2)
 BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(fribidi)
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(xext)
-BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(libpng)

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