[Tizen-submit] 20986: Changes to Tizen:Generic/calendar-service

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Wed Feb 12 03:16:39 GMT 2014

Graydon, Tracy have made the following changes to calendar-service in project Tizen:Generic. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #20986

  submit:       Tizen:Generic:build/calendar-service(cleanup) -> Tizen:Generic

Submitter: Graydon, Tracy <tracy.graydon at intel.com>
Comments: submit/tizen/20131219.025919
Git project: platform/core/pim/calendar-service
Tag: submit/tizen/20131219.025919
Commit: 1525549d46bf377182e08b80bcd817a8d891a715 Merge "resetting manifest requested domain to floor" into tizen

State:   superseded 2014-02-12T03:18:38 tizenrobot
Comment: superseded by 20989

History: new        2014-02-12T03:18:29 tizenrobot
changes files:

++++++ new changes file:
--- calendar-service.changes
+++ calendar-service.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+* Wed Jun 05 2013 Baptiste DURAND <baptiste.durand at eurogiciel.fr> accepted/tizen/20130604.123440 at 69ea7f5
+- Fix Error build of initdb
+- Revert "Fix install section of spec"
+* Tue Jun 04 2013 Xavier Roche <xavrock.os at gmail.com> accepted/tizen/20130523.195513 at 52e84ea
+- Fix hardcoded library path in CMakelists
+* Thu May 23 2013 Rusty Lynch <rusty.lynch at intel.com> submit/tizen/20130517.045114 at 007bfae
+- Fix install section of spec

++++++ deleted changes files:
--- _service:gbs:calendar-service.changes



spec files:

++++++ new spec file:
--- calendar-service.spec
+++ calendar-service.spec
@@ -0,0 +1,108 @@
+Name:       calendar-service
+VCS:        platform/core/pim/calendar-service#1525549d46bf377182e08b80bcd817a8d891a715
+Summary:    DB library for calendar
+Version:    0.1.15
+Release:    1
+Group:      System/Libraries
+License:    Apache 2.0
+Source0:    %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
+Source1:    calendar.service
+Source1001: 	calendar-service.manifest
+Requires(post): /sbin/ldconfig
+Requires(post): /usr/bin/sqlite3, /bin/chown
+Requires(postun): /sbin/ldconfig
+BuildRequires: cmake
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(db-util)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(sqlite3)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(glib-2.0)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(dlog)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(vconf)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(alarm-service)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(icu-i18n)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(appsvc)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(capi-base-common)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(contacts-service2)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(pims-ipc)
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig(bundle)
+DB library for calendar
+%package devel
+Summary:    DB library for calendar
+Group:      Development/Libraries
+Requires:   %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
+Requires:   pkgconfig(alarm-service)
+%description devel
+DB library for calendar (developement files)

Please refer to OBS webUI for more details about this SR.

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