[Tizen-submit] 21239: Changes to Tizen:Mobile/perl-X11-Protocol

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Thu Feb 13 08:21:26 GMT 2014

Philippe Coval have made the following changes to perl-X11-Protocol in project Tizen:Mobile. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #21239

  submit:       Tizen:Mobile:build/perl-X11-Protocol(cleanup) -> Tizen:Mobile

Submitter: Philippe Coval <philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org>
Comments: needed for generic (pure wayland) release
Git project: platform/upstream/perl-X11-Protocol
Tag: submit/tizen/20140213.082052
Commit: a141464ba95eacb2a4978838bf2e8be9a5ce268f - perl-X11-Protocol should not try to build into a pure wayland platform.

State:   new        2014-02-13T08:19:47 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>
changes files:

spec files:
--- perl-X11-Protocol.spec
+++ perl-X11-Protocol.spec
@@ -14,13 +14,14 @@
 # Please submit bugfixes or comments via http://bugs.opensuse.org/
+%bcond_with x
 Name:           perl-X11-Protocol
+VCS:            platform/upstream/perl-X11-Protocol#a141464ba95eacb2a4978838bf2e8be9a5ce268f
 Version:        0.56
 Release:        1
-VCS:            platform/upstream/perl-X11-Protocol#submit/tizen/20130912.090541-0-g214224d124f808fb625ba3ba9a08cc951df30550
 License:        GPL-1.0+ or Artistic-1.0
 %define cpan_name X11-Protocol
@@ -34,6 +35,10 @@
 BuildRequires:  perl
 BuildRequires:  perl(ExtUtils::MakeMaker)
+%if !%{with x}
 X11::Protocol is a client-side interface to the X11 Protocol (see X(1) for
 information about X11), allowing perl programs to display windows and

other changes:

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