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Mon Feb 24 17:18:16 GMT 2014

Krisztian Litkey have made the following changes to murphy in project Tizen:IVI. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #21518

  submit:       Tizen:IVI:build/murphy(cleanup) -> Tizen:IVI

Submitter: Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com>
Comments: Submitted v0.0.47 for release.
Git project: profile/ivi/murphy
Tag: submit/tizen/20140224.171846
Commit: b9d96b0e9a5fc076ff8c0d902d306132c7e2de6d packaging: bumped version, updated changelog.

State:   new        2014-02-24T17:17:57 tizenrobot
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changes files:

++++++ new changes file:
--- murphy.changes
+++ murphy.changes
@@ -0,0 +1,141 @@
+* Fri Feb 21 2014 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.47
+- system-controller: support for disabling single windows (surfaces).
+- system-monitor: support for cgroup CPU usage/load monitoring.
+- system-monitor: initial support for cgroup Lua bindings.
+- config: added dedicated resources for speech recognition and synthesis.
+- system-controller: use database for getting the app info.
+- system-controller: handle client disconnects.
+- system-controller: support for delayed area resolution for screen resources
+- system-controller: fixes for multi display setups
+- packaging: added aul dependency when building system-controller.
+- system-controller: added AIL support for getting application categories.
+- amb: followd ambd D-Bus name.
+- system-controller: cleanups for application-tracker.
+- config: load telephony plugin only after 'audio_playback' gets defined.
+* Fri Feb 14 2014 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.46
+- config: use the regulation hooks
+- config: add applications for special handling
+- config: add support for regulating driving mode
+- config: check for nil system controller variable
+- amb: update to the new FindObject API
+- ivi-resource-manager: don't return random pointers
+- system-controller: add requisites to applications
+- system-controller: remove an element from the list in advance
+- system-controller: give gorrect appid for resource creation events
+- system-controller: resource_manager init, preallocate and commit notifications
+- system-controller: added initial support for application tracking
+- system-controller: add disable support to resource manager
+- system-controller: check appid for illegal characters
+- system-controller: split out system-monitor to a plugin of its own
+- system-monitor: better configurability, more Lua scriptability
+- lua-utils: add missing boolean support for funcbridge
+- packaging: mark system-controller conflict with ivi-resource-manager
+- packaging: look for linked-in plugin shared libs in the correct place
+- packaging: explicitly enable system-monitor
+* Fri Feb 07 2014 Ismo Puustinen <ismo.puustinen at intel.com> - 0.0.45
+- config: dynamically check whether ico-homescreen support is available.
+* Wed Feb  5 2014 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.44
+- system-controller: initial CPU-load and memory pressure monitoring
+- system-controller: added input management
+- system-controller: added audio management
+- system-controller: added user management
+- config: driving regulations
+- fixes to a number of bugs discovered by static analysis
+* Wed Jan 15 2014 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.43
+- transport: support for socket-based activation
+- AMB: use fdo property interface for signals.
+* Wed Jan 08 2014 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.42
+- resource: expose resource set id in the resource owner table
+- resource: pass requesting resource set to the veto function
+- resource: enforce temporarily dont_wait and auto_release flags from Lua
+- resource: changed Lua resource veto to be pass-through
+- common: merged non-libdbus-specific D-Bus abstraction
+- common: new encoding/decoding/transport for 'native-type's
+* Mon Dec 30 2013 Ismo Puustinen <ismo.puustinen at intel.com> - 0.0.41
+- packaging: prevent system controller from launching.
+- packaging: set correct XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variable.
+- config: do not die if resource-asm plugin failed to start
+- config: work properly if the AMB plugin were not loaded or failed to initialize
+- system-controller: add screen resource support
+* Fri Dec 13 2013 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.40
+- enabled latest system controller snapshot (not used by default)
+- support for blacklisting/whitelisting plugins
+- support for disabling plugin loading/instantiating altogether
+- support for disabling the console
+- support for modular configuration via murphy.include & co.
+- fixed errors detected by static analysis
+* Fri Nov 22 2013 Krisztian Litkey <krisztian.litkey at intel.com> - 0.0.39
+- AMB: support properties where object and property names don't match.
+- system-controller: initial system-controller support.
+- packaging: listen for TurnSignal AMB properties.
+- packaging: don't run as root, run as app (for now) instead.

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