[Tizen-submit] 42849: Changes to Tizen:IVI:Panda/tizen-platform-config

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Sat Sep 5 04:04:31 GMT 2015

Jinhee Choi have made the following changes to tizen-platform-config in project Tizen:IVI:Panda. Please review and accept ASAP.

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Request: #42849

  submit:       Tizen:IVI:Panda:build/tizen-platform-config at 16(cleanup) -> Tizen:IVI:Panda

Submitter: Jinhee Choi <jh106.choi at samsung.com>
Comments: modify user dbspace label - from System::Shared to User::Home
Git project: platform/core/appfw/tizen-platform-config
Tag: submit/tizen/20150905.040311
Commit: 42ab84e9677c2789093f1b23794acaa3add1db66 modify user dbspace label - from System::Shared to User::Home

State:   new        2015-09-05T04:03:56 tizenrobot
Comment: <no comment>


spec files:

++++++ new spec file:
--- _service:gbs:tizen-platform-config.spec
+++ _service:gbs:tizen-platform-config.spec
@@ -0,0 +1,155 @@
+%define libname libtzplatform-config
+%define keepstatic 1
+Name:           tizen-platform-config
+VCS:            platform/core/appfw/tizen-platform-config#42ab84e9677c2789093f1b23794acaa3add1db66
+Version:        2.0
+Release:        0
+Summary:        Tizen Platform Configuration
+License:        MIT
+Url:            http://www.tizen.org
+Group:          System/Configuration
+Source0:        %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
+Source1:        %{name}-rpmlintrc
+Source1001:     %{name}.manifest
+BuildRequires:  tizen-platform-wrapper >= 2
+Requires(post): smack
+Requires(post): coreutils
+# the main package only contains a config file but other dependent packages
+# will contain binary. So, we can't build a noarch package and have to avoid
+# a rpmlint warning using a filter in xxx-rpmlintrc
+Tizen Platform Configuration - variables definitions
+%package -n %{libname}
+Summary:        Tizen Platform Configuration - helper library
+Group:          System/Libraries
+License:        LGPL-2.0
+Requires:       %{name} = %{version}
+%description -n %{libname}
+Tizen Platform Configuration - helper library to lookup Tizen variables easily
+%package -n %{libname}-devel
+Summary:        Tizen Platform Configuration - helper libray headers, RPM macros
+Group:          Development/Libraries
+License:        LGPL-2.0
+Requires:       %{libname} = %{version}
+%description -n %{libname}-devel
+Tizen Platform Configuration - helper library headers to include in source code,
+RPM macros to call in spec files
+%package -n %{name}-tools
+Summary:        Tizen Platform Configuration - tools
+Group:          System/Utilities
+License:        LGPL-2.0
+Requires:       %{libname} = %{version}
+%description -n %{name}-tools
+Tizen Platform Configuration - helper program to lookup Tizen variables easily
+%setup -q
+cp %{SOURCE1001} .
+%reconfigure --enable-static
+%__make %{?_smp_mflags}
+%__make check

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