[Tizen-submit] 9972 declined: home:prerelease:Tizen:Unified:submit:tizen:20171207.085311/sdbd to Tizen:Unified/sdbd

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Sat Dec 23 06:04:48 UTC 2017

Hi SeokYeon Hwang,
The following change has been rejected.

    SR 9972 is set to declinedAuto Rejected Submission submit/tizen/20171207.085311

Please fix the issues above and resubmit.

Release Engineering Team

[This message was auto-generated]

Request: #9972

  submit:       home:prerelease:Tizen:Unified:submit:tizen:20171207.085311/sdbd -> Tizen:Unified

Submitter: SeokYeon Hwang  <syeon.hwang at samsung.com>
Comments: Auto Rejected Submission submit/tizen/20171207.085311 
Git project: [sdk/target/sdbd]
Tag: submit/tizen/20171207.085311

State:   revoked    2017-12-23T06:04:23 tizenrobot
Comment: The source project 'home:prerelease:Tizen:Unified:submit:tizen:20171207.085311' has been removed

History: 2017-12-23T06:04:23 tizenrobot   Request got revoked
         2017-12-23T06:04:08 tizenrobot   Request got declined
         2017-12-23T06:04:07 tizenrobot   Request created

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