[Tizen-submit] 15175 declined: home:prerelease:Tizen:Unified:submit:tizen_wearable_tpk:20180912.173544/org.tizen.analog-watch to Tizen:Unified/org.tizen.analog-watch

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Thu Sep 13 14:52:17 UTC 2018

Hi Vikas Kumar Agrawal,
The following change has been rejected.

    SR 15175 is set to declinedMore recent SR pending

Please fix the issues above and resubmit.

Release Engineering Team

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Request: #15175

  submit:       home:prerelease:Tizen:Unified:submit:tizen_wearable_tpk:20180912.173544/org.tizen.analog-watch -> Tizen:Unified

Submitter: Vikas Kumar Agrawal  <vikas.ag at samsung.com>
Comments: More recent SR pending 
Git project: [profile/wearable/apps/native/analog-watch]
Tag: submit/tizen_wearable_tpk/20180912.173544

State:   declined   2018-09-13T14:51:32 tizenrobot
Comment: SR 15175 is set to declinedMore recent SR pending

History: 2018-09-13T14:51:32 tizenrobot   Request got declined
         2018-09-13T14:51:31 tizenrobot   Request created

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